Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nice Day...

Today was a very nice day for me..
guess what???
actually,takde pe2 pun..cme..myza said mcm tu sbb ny ary myza 'date' gn my luv........huhu..
mybe,,d mate owg len,x sberapa,,p bg myza...its perfect day if i spendg the time with him..

Dy treat myza mcm princess pn ade..emg teruja la sgt2 kn..sweet memories la kre'e ny..hihi..
And..juz wnna let him know,i'm really2 luv u..i'm afraid if i'm losing of u..xcgup rce'e..

p/s:len kali cpe2 y nk bf dy treat dy mcm princess,bek2 la gn bf k..huhu..n one more things,whatever he/she done,u must apprcte that..dont complain!!!!!!!!

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